Crazy Acres Farm

  Crazy Acres is a 20 acre gentleman's farm located in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. We currently house 2 horses, 5 goats, 2 dogs, 3 cats & 40 chickens, along with 4 humans and a stray here and there!

Why Crazy Acres? Well, there are many definitions of crazy!

90% of our animals are rescues. Many have come to us with physical or behavioral issues. Through many long hours, we work with them to become sound and trusting-a part of our family. Some--well most, of these critters have a bit of crazy in them! From the little pony with the BIG attitude, to the fainting goat and the one who plays "hide & seek," to the chickens who constantly find new places to hide their eggs, they keep life interesting. Some say we may be a little crazy too!

  We currently have a seasonal produce stand for all the extras from the garden.  Prices are cheap! We enjoy spreading the taste of sunshine!